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11/4/05 06:10 pm - writinchica2k - slightly irrelevant, maybe coincidental, but totally hilarious sort-of reference

OK, so Halloween Potion-ma-jig is this choose-your-own-adventure cartoon where you gotta help the main character collect ingredients for a magic potion. Near the end when you need the magic words, if one clicks on option 2:

HOMESTAR RUNNER: If you were at a party, what would you rap?
STRONG SAD: Each day, we die a little more, yo! Betta ax somebod-ay!
HOMESTAR RUNNER: Ooh! Fresh beats! My favorite!
{The scorecard appears with "Magic Words: Better Ax Somebod-ay".}

Needless to say, I choked on my dessert XD

10/5/05 09:40 pm - soso099 - Kaleb's News

I'mma update it for y'all...

Ok ok ...Kaleb got a mixtape out about a month ago, but it's only available for purchase in NS that's to help to finance out his frist album, that should be out around Xmas. Hehe...

He's been doing a lot of shows around NS with Sko-shun Tiez or other scotia artist. There's a few new video you can find them on www.kaleb-simmonds.net
and there u go for the URL

http://www.kaleb.ssblondeau.com/kaleb_video/Video/download.php?filename=When_Doves_Cry.wmv (Before CI I THINK)

http://www.kaleb.ssblondeau.com/kaleb_video/Video/download.php?filename=Kaleb_Pomo_001_low.wmv (in 2002)

http://www.kaleb.ssblondeau.com/kaleb_video/Video/download.php?filename=Pogue_Fado_8th2005_BB.wmv (May.8,2005)

http://www.kaleb.ssblondeau.com/kaleb_video/Interview/download.php?filename=Kaleb_Interview_Low.wmv (Febuary,15,2005)

9/13/05 04:16 pm - quackaquacka

Okay. Idol performances below the cut.

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(Audition, Water Runs Dry and Truly (Results) to come...tonight and/or tomorrow, since I have to cut them again. I'll just update this post when they're done.)

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9/12/05 08:47 pm - quackaquacka

I'm really bored. And when I'm bored, I upload. You probably all have these, but...songs.

Better Ask Somebody -

Everything's Lovely -

I Don't Know Why -

I Understand -

Loves Is In Need -

Prize Winner -

And I don't know if anyone's interested, so I'm going to ask first so I'm not like Spammy McSpamster...does anyone want his Idol videos/mp3's?

8/31/05 01:42 pm - frances_rain

Hey everybody! Do you know what time it is? I sure do. It's time for a G-Code picspam, is what time it is!

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8/26/05 12:16 am - writinchica2k

Heh, look who finally decides to find the rest of the blends she made? Bwah ^^
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8/14/05 08:31 pm - lonesomeoctober

Ummm . . . hey, an article!


Everyone has probably seen it before, but I haven't! And now I have! And now I am strangely happy because of this article!

7/9/05 10:47 pm - writinchica2k - graphic stuff...no, not THAT kind of graphic, minds outta the gutter, ladies ;)

I'm sure you've all seen these icons before in ci_icons, but I'm resurrecting them, hah! Gotta fill this place up somehow.
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Annnd some messageboard siggy blends made ages ago (or should I say banners as I cannot properly blend to save my non-existant life). I made others for a birthday scrapbook project buuuut I don't have 'em with me at the moment so, yeah. Find 'em later.
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7/2/05 09:58 pm - frances_rain

G-Code: awesome?

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